Krownlab in Portland didn’t reinvent the wheel, we reinvented the bearing. The Baldur sliding door hardware system starts with its iconic hubless bearings. We surveyed the market and nothing was to our standards, so we obsessively engineered Baldur’s iconic bearings from the ground up ourselves. Manufactured right in our backyard, Baldur’s oversized bearings pair with our patented track system that appears to float along the wall thanks to truly concealed fasteners. Each wall attachment point is elegantly concealed with our specially engineered track plate to keep the focus where it should be—on Baldur’s utterly unique 102mm hubless bearings.

The Baldur sliding door hardware system offers unparalleled design flexibility to fit most project plans. Baldur’s patented, oversized hubless bearings allow for door panels of up to 200KG and unlimited thickness. Available in Top Mount, Face Mount, and Glass Mount, the Baldur sliding door hardware system mounts to most wall types and is compatible with any panel material on the market. Pick the right door for the space regardless of size—Baldur can handle it.

The Baldur sliding door shower system has been designed with high-use projects in mind. Its industry-leading 10-year warranty is backed by rigorous testing, capstoned by a million open-and-close cycle wear test. The Baldur system is constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminum—premium metals that translate to unparalleled product longevity.

With the Baldur sliding door hardware system, installers will have perfect installations in less time. To function properly, any sliding door track system needs to be mounted absolutely level. Drilling a half-dozen holes in a flawless line is not easy. But hidden inside Baldur’s track is the Tru-Level System™, giving 7mm of out-of-level adjustability at each mounting point, during or after installation.

Due to the artisanal nature of the products we offer, shipping is worked out on confirmation of order when we have a better understanding of the lead time.

Our lead times are 2-7 weeks depending on the product and the finish chosen. All products are made to order. 

All orders are custom quoted and shipping will be added as an extra line item.

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