Aberdovey Drawer Pull

ABUL Antique Brass Un-lacquered
BEL Burnished Brass
PBL Polished Brass Lacquered
PBUL Polished Brass Un-lacquered
SBL Satin Brass Lacquered
SBUL Satin Brass Un-lacquered
ABL Antique Brass Lacquered
PNP Polished Nickel Plate
SNP Satin Nickel Plate
PCP Polished Chrome Plate
SCP Satin Chrome Plate
NBP Burnished Nickel Plate
ASP Antique Silver Plate Lacquered
ACP Antique Copper Plate Lacquered
COP Polished Copper Plate Lacquered
SCL Satin Copper Plate Lacquered
SAL Satin Antique Gloss Lacquered
SAS Satin Antique Satin Lacquered
AMB American Bronze Lacquered
CBP Chocolate Bronze Lacquered
HBN Hand Burnished Nickel

Forming part of the Aberdovey collection, this solid-brass forged shell design with exposed screws is the perfect choice for coastal homes on both kitchens and living room furniture. Supplied with brass woodscrews in a matching finish.

(PBL) Polished Brass Lacquered
(CBP) Chocolate Bronze Lacquered
(SCL) Satin Copper Plate Lacquered
(COP) Polished Copper Plate Lacquered
(ACP) Antique Copper Plate Lacquered
(ASP) Antique Silver Plate Lacquered
(HBN) Hand Burnished Nickel
(NBP) Burnished Nickel Plate
(SCP) Satin Chrome Plate
(SNP) Satin Nickel Plate
(PCP) Polished Chrome Plate
(PNP) Polished Nickel Plate
(AMB) American Bronze Lacquered
(SAL) Satin Antique Gloss Lacquered
(SAS) Satin Antique Satin Lacquered
(BEL) Burnished Brass
(ABUL) Antique Brass Un-lacquered
(ABL) Antique Brass Lacquered
(SBUL) Satin Brass Un-lacquered
(SBL) Satin Brass Lacquered
(PBUL) Polished Brass Un-lacquered

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