Stardust - Smooth Lever Handle on Rose


Stardust collection

The perforations waltz like new music or rhythmic movements over the various elements of the collection, which are completely interchangeable. I like this form of flexibility in the composition of a collection, an adaptability that embodies a new modernity for me. The two finishes also make it possible to transform the collection into two distinct but complementary universes: the dark patinated bronze symbolises the night and a universe full of mysteries and the polished brass finish evokes the memory of the heat of the sun and its rays.


The smooth Stardust Lever Handle with lightly perforated rose is part of the collection 

The perforated series comes in 3 main finishes and can be mix and matched to create a new aesthetic. It's graphic and edgy, yet refined at the same time.



L 131 mm (5.1") x D 74 mm (2.9") 

Rose: L 36 mm (1.4") x W 26 mm (1.0") 


  • Picture of Gold platedGold plated
  • Picture of Satin brassSatin brass
  • Picture of Polished brass, gold lacqueredPolished brass, gold lacquered
  • Picture of Satin brass, gold lacqueredSatin brass, gold lacquered
  • Picture of Gold plated shiny ocher patinaGold plated shiny ocher patina
  • Picture of Gold plated with satin nut patinaGold plated with satin nut patina
  • Picture of Gold plated with shiny nut patinaGold plated with shiny nut patina
  • Picture of Antique brassAntique brass
  • Picture of Oil-rubbed bronzeOil-rubbed bronze
  • Picture of Old silverOld silver
  • Picture of Pink goldPink gold
  • Picture of Red Copper shinyRed Copper shiny
  • Picture of Red Copper satinRed Copper satin
  • Picture of Satin silverSatin silver
  • Picture of Polished silverPolished silver
  • Picture of Polished chromePolished chrome
  • Picture of Satin chromeSatin chrome
  • Picture of Polished nickelPolished nickel
  • Picture of Satin nickelSatin nickel
  • Picture of Oxidizied nickelOxidizied nickel
  • Picture of Gun metalGun metal
  • Picture of Imitation wrought ironImitation wrought iron
  • Picture of Polished brassPolished brass
  • Picture of Satin brassSatin brass
  • Satin black aluminium
  • Polished Bronze
  • Satin Bronze
  • Inox
  • Jules
  • Blue Anodized Aluminium

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