TOPO 0336


The Topo is an acrylic knob with a lot of personality and presence. Its simple, geometric, yet forceful design features a conical shape that stands out when applied to any type of furniture style, lending a casual and original look. This model goes well with all sorts of furniture, especially in children’s rooms. Available in 2 sizes and 6 colour combinations, with white, pink, green and brown in the centre circle, and black, sky blue, pink and grey on the conical body.

Sizes table

02 + 01 83 + 01 75 + 01 21 + 76 21 + 33 21 + 41            
Black + White Sky blue + White Pink + White Grey + Pale pink Grey + Green Grey + Brown C D H W Holes Box
0336016A0201 0336016A8301 0336016A7501 0336016A2176 0336016A2133 0336016A2141 16 50 24 45,5 2 25
0336032A0201 0336032A8301 0336032A7501 0336032A2176 0336032A2133 0336032A2141 32 80 28 76,3 2 12

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